001 - Alpha Centauri
From The Curse of Peladon (1972)
Version 3 - Updated 3/26/2018

Finished: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17r-VE_BMAnSnLQIihlvlsI40JX-92Moj

Notes: I've completely redesigned ol' Alpha Centauri from the ground up. Everything should be a lot cleaner and more professional looking now, and the newly redesigned arms pass all the way through the body so that you can move them like a finger puppet (or possibly attach thick wire to them and make it more of an actual puppet). I have no idea if the head veins will actually print on a regular resolution printer, but they're definitely showing up on my 20 micron machine.

Print Recommendations: The hands should be printed solid at 100% fill to prevent possible snapping during play.
Depending on the quality of print, the arm holes may need to be slightly sanded or dremelled out so that the hands slide in, but do not pop out. Before painting, it is recommended that you fit all parts loosely together without glue to make sure that they fit and move freely.

Color Recommendations: My design is based on the version of Alpha Centauri seen in The Curse of Peladon, where he/she/it is wearing a yellow-blending-down-to-green cape with a shorter, more ruffled neck. The body also blends down yellow to green in the same colorization. The cape used in Monster of Peladon is a flat pale green color and has a significantly higher, less ruffled neck with almost pillow-like padding. The eye/head also changed significantly between the two stories. Curse of Peladon Alpha has what appears to be a dark blue iris and a slightly lighter blue pupil surrounded be dark redish black lines. The pupil also takes up the majority of the eye with very little white around the edges. Monster of Peladon Alpha has a lighter green complexion, and a conpletely different iris with an outer blue ring surrounding a silver circle, and then a dark blue pupil the same color as the iris. The eyelids have a more pronounced red lining, and the eye veins are also more visible, though this may just be due to the lighter coloring.


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