NOTE: Designs featured on this page were created by other artists and may not be fully articulated or tested. If you have questions about a specific design, most of the artists hang out on our Facebook Group and are more than willing to respond to friendly inquiries. Be aware that most of the file links are maintained by the artists themselves, so if a link doesn't work, that's usually because the artist has elected to pull their design for one reason or another.

Unless the artist(s) have specified otherwise, all designs featured on this page are proctected under the same Creative Commons License BY-NA-SA 4.0 International as my own figures, which means they are not to be printed and sold for financial gain without the express permission of the original artist(s).

If you aren't sure what this means; read the F.A.Q. page or just assume that if you are requesting money in exchange for items printed using these templates, you are breaking the project rules and DON'T DO IT!

We've amassed a huge collection of free content over the last 7 years that we're happy to share with everyone... but all it takes is one greedy person to ruin the party for everybody!

If you are a 3D artist and would like to submit a design for inclusion on this website, please contact Troy Ryan Wood via the 3D Printing Doctor Who Facebook Group or @troyryanwood on twitter, mastodon, or instagram. We prefer that you post your file(s) to Google Drive, Dropbox, Thingiverse, or a similar free file-sharing platform, ideally packaged together in a single zip file so that I only have to link to a single URL. This also means that you retain complete creative control over your files and can update or delete them as you see fit.

Guest designs can be based off anything from the old or new series of Doctor Who, including it's spin-offs (official or otherwise), the 1960's Peter Cushing movies, Big Finish audio plays, comics, annuals, novels, Blue Peter contests, board games, ice lolly packets, Weetabix cards.... anything that can be linked back to Doctor Who, provided it's family friendly.

Please understand that we are only interested in semi-professional designs in STL or OBJ format that are finished and ready for printing. Do not submit works in progress (though feel free to post photos on our facebook group), duplicates of existing figures in the Character Options toy range (even if they're currently out of print), designs created by other artists (unless you have their permission) or random household objects like keychains, drink coasters, or iPhone cases that simply have the TARDIS or Doctor Who logo slapped onto them (You can already find plenty of those over on Thingiverse).

If you have remixed an existing figure or prop, we are usually happy to post it, as long as you provide fair attribution and the original artist is fine with their work being shared. If your design is based on a 3D scan or photogrammetry of an existing real world object (like an Eaglemoss, Dapol, or Product Enterprise figure) we ask that you provide this information at the time you submit the design to us. This is usually not a problem if the company that produced the original version is no longer in business, but we would need to ask permission before posting anything that was based on a Robert Harrop miniature, This Planet Earth replica, or anything else similar where a 3D printed version could negatively impact the original creator's business.

Figures and play sets in scale with the existing 5.5" Character Options range of figures that I have personally remixed to be fully articulated and/or add other improvements.

Battle Damage Emperor Dalek
from Evil of the Daleks
Kronos (Chronovore)
from The Time Monster
Meddling Monk and TARDIS
from The Time Meddler
Key To Time and Tracer
from The Armageddon Factor
Tractator and Gravis
from Frontios
Mandrel & CET Machine
from Nightmare of Eden
Solonian Mutant (Mutt)
from The Mutants
The Kandyman
from The Happiness Patrol

Figures, play sets, and set pieces in scale with the existing 5.5" Character Options range of figures.

Classic 60's TARDIS Interior
Play Set
Secondary Console Room TARDIS Console Rani's TARDIS
from Mark of the Rani
Zero Room Play Set
from Castrovalva
"Hudolin" 8th Doctor
"Brachaki" 1st Doctor
Emperor Dalek
from TV 21 Comics
Astral Map
from The Web Planet
Time-Space Visualizer
from The Chase
Tomb of the Cybermen
Play Set
Dalek City Play Set The Whomobile
from Planet of the Spiders
from Love & Monsters
from The Faceless Ones (animated)
from Frontier in Space
Cyber Warrior
from Ascension of the Cybermen
Cyber Master
from The Timeless Children
Dalek Trooper
from Resurrection of the Daleks
The Destroyer and
Knight Commander

from Battlefield
Ice Lord
from Monster of Peladon
from The Time Monster
"Nightmare" Cyberman
from Nightmare in Silver
"Wheel" Cyberman
from Wheel in Space
Peter Cushing "Dr. Who"
from the Dalek movies
Sontaran Steg
from Shakedown: Return
of the Sontarans (spin-off)
The Lone Cyberman
from The Haunting of Villa Diodati
Blackpool Exhibition
Entrance TARDIS
Golden Emperor Dalek
from Timelord Victorious (animated)
Mr. Smith
from Sarah Jane Adventures
Proposed Season 27
TARDIS Console Room
TT Capsule (without
Chameleon Circuit)
from Hell Bent
The Rani's TARDIS Console
from Mark of the Rani
Dalek Transmat
from Evil of the Daleks
The Moment (Button)
from Day of the Doctor
from Spyfall
The General
from Day of the Doctor
and Hell Bent
from The Inifinite Quest (animated)
from TV-21 Comics
The Trods
from TV Comics
Emperor Dalek
Throne Room Play Set

from Evil of the Daleks
The Slyther
from The Dalek Invasion of Earth
The Trickster
from Sarah Jane Adventures
from Mission to the Unknown
The Kandyman
from The Happiness Patrol
Dinosaur Stun Gun
from Invasion of the Dinosaurs
13th Doctor TARDIS
Console Room
from The King's Demons
and Planet of Fire

The Anne Droid
from Bad Wolf and
Parting of the Ways

Trin-R and Zu-Zanna
from Bad Wolf and
Parting of the Ways
Dalek Control Panels
from Mission to the Unknown
Sontaran Scout Ship
from The Time Warrior
Season 13 Sontaran
from War of the Sontarans
Spiridon Temple Entrance
from Planet of the Daleks
from The Snowmen
"The Flood" Cyberman
and Cybercontroller

from The Flood (comic)
"Lost Warriors" Cyberman
from Lost Warriors (audio)
from The Daleks' Master Plan
Warrior Sea Devil
from Warriors of the Deep
Cyber Console
from Earthshock
Hyperspacial Bridge Device
from Stones of Blood
60's Concept Art Daleks
from Full Circle
White Robot
from The Mind Robber
from Carnival of Monsters
Troll Doll
from Terror of the Autons
from The Daleks' Master Plan
Delaney King Dalek Design
TT Capsule
(Default Mode TARDIS)

from Name of the Doctor
TT Capsule
(Default Mode TARDIS)

from Hell Bent
Master's TARDIS Mega Pack

Beep The Meep
from The Star Beast
(TV version)

Emperor Dalek
from The Ultimate Adventure
(stage play)
Bessie Schlong
(Ricky Gervais slug alien)
from Extras

Chancellery Guard
from various

The Mighty Jagrafess
from The Long Game
The Veil
from Heaven Sent
Ultimate Adventure Dalek
from The Ultimate Adventure
(stage play)
Tomb of Rassilon
from The Five Doctors

Custom parts and accessories used for converting or enhancing existing 5.5" scale Character Options figures.

Troy's Miscellaneous Customizing Parts

The Valeyard (Head Only)
Adric (Head Only)
1970's Newbery TARDIS Base
1970's Newbery TARDIS Top
1980's Yardley TARDIS Base
Movie/Supreme Dalek bumper (solid)
Movie/Supreme Dalek bumper with holes for Lego wheels
Modern Dalek Bumper
Custom Sontaran Helmet (no eye holes)

The Trickster Head
from Sarah Jane Adventures
Movie Dalek Claw
from the Dalek movies
Timelord Victorious
Dalek Parts

from Timelord Victorious (animated)
New Series
Dalek Parts

Classic Series Dalek
Parts and Accessories
'Carnival' Auton Heads
from Terror of the Autons
Replacement K-1 Robot
Foot Part

from Robot
Kraal Android Head
from The Android Invasion
Sentreal Head
from Mission to the Unknown
Sontaran Rifle
from The Two Doctors
Cyberman Head
from Sword of Orion (audio)
Bus Conductor Head
from Greatest Show in the Galaxy
Commander Maxil Body
from Arc of Infinity
Time Lord Collar
from Various
Rapid-Fire Dalek Gun
from Eve of the Daleks
Kane Head
from Dragonfire
Alex Macqueen
Master Head

from UNIT: Dominion (audio)
Movie Dalek
Customizing Parts

from the Dalek movies
3rd Doctor Accessory Pack
from Various
Death Zone Torch
from The Five Doctors
Draconian Head
from Frontier in Space
Susan Head
4th Doctor Accessory Pack
from Various
Ice Warrior Heads
from The Ice Warriors
2nd Doctor Head (with hat)
from The Highlanders
Salamander Head
from Enemy of the World
Marshman Head
from Full Circle
Commander Skaag Head
from War of the Sontarans
Jago and Lightfoot Heads
from Talons of Weng-Chiang
Time Lord Heads Multi-Pack
from Various
15th Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) Head
from Various
12th Doctor Waist Coat
from Various
Delgado and Ainley Master Heads
from Various
David Tennant Head Multi-Pack
from Various
Jackal-Headed Canopic Jar
from Pyramids of Mars
Sacha Dhawan Master Head
from Spyfall
15th Doctor Heads
from Various
Dalek Overseer Parts
from Planet of the Ogrons
"Wilkie" Dalek Skirt
from Evil of the Daleks
"Supremacy" Cyberman Head
from Supremacy of the Cybermen
(9th Doctor comic)
Division Rifle
from Flux
Zog Head
from The Ultimate Adventure
(stage play)

Figures, parts, and other miscellaneous items that don't fit the standard 5.5" scale Character Options range of figures (most of these can be rescaled if needed).

Palitoy Talking Dalek
Replacement parts

1:6 Scale
3rd Doctor Head

1:6 Scale
Tloxtl Head

from The Aztecs
1:6 Scale
Mavic Chen Head

from The Daleks' Master Plan
1:6 Scale
Meddling Monk Head

from The Time Meddler
Barbara Head
1st Doctor Heads and Hats 7th Doctor Heads
from The TV Movie
3rd Doctor Head
from Invasion of the Dinosaurs
1:6 Scale
14th Doctor Head

from The 60th Anniversary Special
28mm Alpha Centauri miniature
from The Curse of Peladon
38mm (1:48) scale
Doctor Who miniatures

1:6 Scale
Multi-Colour Classic Daleks
(for use with multi-color printers)

Beep the Meep
from The Star Beast
(Comic Book version)
Dalek Defense Drone
from Revolution of the Daleks

Replica props and costume pieces for all your cosplay needs.

Missy's Gadget
from Death In Heaven
Romana's Sonic Screwdriver
from The Horns of Nimon
Metebelis III Crystal
from The Green Death
and Planet of Spider
Rose Tyler Dalek Blaster
from The Stolen Earth
Full-Sized New Series Dalek 6th Doctor's Sonic Lance
Romana I's Dress Clasp
from The Ribos Operation
Gallifreyan Staser Rifle
from Day of the Doctor/Hell Bent
Cyberman Gun
from Earthshock/The Five Doctors/
Attack of the Cybermen
Alien Coins
from Planet of Fire
Gallifreyan Staser Pistol
from Day of the Doctor/Hell Bent
Dalek Projenitor
from Victory of the Daleks
Home Box
from Time of the Angels
Siege Mode TARDIS
from Flatline
Full-Sized K-9
First Doctor Sonic
from Lego Dimensions (video game)
Full-Sized Cybermen Helmets
from The Tenth Planet,
Wheel in Space,
The Invasion,
and Earthshock
The Master's TCE
from Spyfall
War Master's
Laser Screwdriver

from Rage of the Timelords (audio)
The Rani & Tetrap Bracelets
from Mark of the Rani
and Time and the Rani
from Wheel in Space
The Master's TCE
from Colony In Space
and Claws of Axos
Neural Relay
from Hell Bent
Adipose Pill Pendant
from Partners in Crime
Sonic Screwdriver
from Dark Eyes (audio)
7th Doctor Signal Detector
from Ghostlight and
Dimensions in Time
Movellan Virus Capsules
from Ressurection of the Daleks
TARDIS Toolkit
from Earthshock
7th Doctor Spoons
from Time and the Rani
Division Badge
from Survivors of the Flux
and The Vanquishers
13th Doctor Fob Watch
from Survivors of the Flux
and The Vanquishers
Key to Time
from The Armageddon Factor
Alpha Centauri Coin
from Greatest Show in the Galaxy
Kane's Soverign
from Dragonfire
15th Doctor Sonic
from various
2nd Doctor Sonics
from various
Clockwork Droid Mask
from The Girl in the Fireplace
70's/80's TARDIS Key
from various
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