002 - Quark
From The Dominators (1968)
Version 5 - Updated 11/17/2019

Finished: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MPBqxedxnpXMux7WvaIec0oknPlGgEDr

Notes: The "eye tubes" are too small to print legibly even on a resin printer, though I have done my best to create a model that at least has tube-shaped bumps in the appropriate places.

This design contains a couple of large scale accessories; a hexagonal background wall with removable pieces of rubble, and the Dominator's atomic drill. For the PLA version, I printed my drill out of a color changing thermoplastic so that the unpainted sections "light up" white when held in your hand! For the SLA resin versions, I used clear resin, but added some glow in the dark resin dye to the mix to make a version that would light up when exposes to UV light.

Print Recommendations: The head/arms/legs should be printed solid at 100% fill at a very slow print speed (I use 10) to ensure the cleanest possible prints and to prevent possible snapping during assembly or play. After printing, carefully trim the supports away from the four horizontal points on the head with a set of wire cutters and/or an xacto blade.
I highly recommend leaving the body in its current "back on the ground" state to ensure the cleanest possible print in the arm hole areas so that the arms slot in nice and clean without any wobbling.
When assembling, you may need a rubber mallet to force the feet into the slots. Always put them in first before doing the head so you can set the figure down upside down on a nice flat surface and give each leg a good sharp whack squarely on top with the mallet. Be sure to hit it squarely and not from the side, so you don't accidentlly snap them.

Color Recommendations: Thanks to some rare color photos from Panopticon and Longleat, we now know that the Quark costume was a dark charcoal grey, and the "eye tubes" were silver, and the bottom panels of the head were transparent so the actors inside could see out. But more interestingly the perspex points are shown with dark red tips that weren't at all visible during the episode or during the publicity photos taken with Troughton during the filming of The War Games.
There are two possible explanations for this: The tips were painted by someone attempting to "restore" the original prop for the convention circuit, or there was a separate "command Quark" head similar to a Cyberleader helmet that wasn't used as often as the others, and only appears in background shots where the tips aren't visible on screen.


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