004 - SIDRAT
From The War Games (1969)
Version 2 - Updated 5/22/2018

Finished: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jZ4BhFKTG730Nq2j0dMxUCgf0WGcV9Sz

Notes: This figure has been redesigned for improved door mobility and to add insets to the inside of the front panel where earth magnets can be mounted to simulate the "fridge magnet" style control layout. This is a VERY large figure that requires a build area that is at least 7" x 7". Please verify your printer is large enough to handle it before you attempt to print.

Print Recommendations: I recommend that the front panel and door be printed at 70% fill or higher to give it maximum support. Depending on how prone your printer is to warping, the front panel may require a manual brim around each of the 4 corners for added support (see Tinker version for details)

Color Recommendations: While I've never been able to find a color photo of the prop itself, it's described in the episode as being "a big green box," and original design blueprints specify that the prop should be painted "Bronze Green" with two accent lines of "Ford Tractor Grey" next to the door. The interior is supposed to be black, except for the base of the door platform, which is "Flambeau Red." So there you go. You can find examples of each color (with slight variations) on a google image search, but it seems like in all three cases they were using common industrial tractor paint, so that's what I'd use for color matching. Based on similar greyscale color pallets from the same episode, it appears to be more or less the same hue as an army jeep, so this colorized photo below is probably pretty accurate.


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