007 - Zarbi
From The Web Planet (1965)
Version 2 - Updated 11/13/2017

Beta: https://drive.google.com/open?id=164oULmDXMvymtMtAYuZ8kmOhGn6noNXX

Notes: This Beta version is fully printable, but I eventually plan on going back to clean up the leg joints, add some detail to the eyes, and change the pivot type on the neck to a ball joint for more natural movement.

Print Recommendations: You will need to print *TWO* copies of both the front arm and back arm STL files in order to have enough limbs for a complete figure. Make sure this is clearly explained if sending the design to a professional printer. I highly recommend that the arms be printed individually and solid at 100% fill at a very slow print speed (I use 10) to ensure the cleanest possible prints and to make them less prone to snapping. I would also recommend doing the same for the head, since the mandibles are pretty fragile and very easy to snap off.
If possible, I recommend printing using black TPU filament, which is flexible and less likely to break, though somewhat difficult to control when printing small narrow pieces like the arms.

Color Recommendations: Based off rare color photos from the 60's it appears that the Zarbi were a chocolate brown color, similar to that of the Larvae Guns.


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