008 - Dalek Hoverbout
From More than 30 Years in the TARDIS (1994)
Version 2 - Updated 4/1/2018

Finished: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1po6r1AvOVCUJpitcITMiASUczoc3hGuF

Notes: This is another VERY large figure that will only fit on printers with a 7" x 7" or larger build area. Please verify your printer is large enough to handle it before you attempt to print.

Print Recommendations: Because it's a large print job, all the usual warnings about preventing warping apply. I recommend spraying down a ton of non-aerosol hairspray, using a borosilicate glass plate if you have a heated bed, and if it's physically possible to do so, seal up your printer inside an enclosure, even if it's something you have to build yourself out of cardboard. the railing should be printed solid at 100% fill at a very slow print speed (I use 10) to ensure the cleanest possible print, but be warned that even under perfect conditions, the underside of the spheres (which will actually be the tops) are going to come out a little rough and stringy. You will very likely have to sand or grind them down yourself before painting, which is why printing at 100% fill is recommended.

Color Recommendations: It's all one color. Metallic silver.


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