009 - Servo Robot
From The Wheel in Space (1968)
Version 5 - Updated 3/1/2021

Finished: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WtmAqd0hssQvJFf514Es4b3UBQ5YjIUo

Notes: You will need to print *TWO* copies of the arm, leg, and shoulder light STL files in order to have enough pieces for a complete figure. Make sure this is clearly explained if sending the design to a professional printer. Special thanks to Hastran on TurboSquid, who allowed me to use his original 3D sculpt as the basis for my figure. In March 2021 I revisited the design and made some alterations to make the figure more screen accurate and resin printer friendly.

This figure requires one 1.5mm wide brass craft rod to be trimmed to length for the internal leg pivot. These can be found in most craft stores that have a model airplane section. Alternatively you can use a wire coat hanger or even a toothpick.

Print Recommendations: This file uses the same files for both PLA and SLA printing.

If printing out of PLA, I recommend that the arms and legs be printed individually at somewhere between 70-100% fill at a slow print speed (I use 20) to ensure the cleanest possible prints and make them as strong as possible.

Color Recommendations: There are some nice color photos of the original prop, albeit with several of the original knobs missing. The lights on the shoulder are red, the "eyes" are a jumble of circuitry that looks to be mostly copper in color, just like the chest grate. The two little lights to the left and right (the right ones have fallen off in the photo below) are red on top, and blue on the bottom. The accordion parts of the arms and legs are black, but the claws and feet are silver. The trapezoid pattern on the front of the feet is black.


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