014 - Rutan Scout
from Horror of Fang Rock (1977)

Version 3 - Updated 7/29/2019

Finished: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12zjdd6nUuZ5KozEDD1LXSRMLzlNiWdwY

Notes: This figure has been redesigned for resin printing, though you can still print out of transparent green PLA or PETG if you have a high quality filament printer. This figure is designed to be fitted with a green 2x3 LED Light-Up Brick, but can still be printed without it, though this will leave it with a 2x3 Lego-sized hole in the base and a hole in the front where the button goes.

Print Recommendations: Ideally, the figure should be printed on a standard sized resin printer using a roughly 50/50% mix of transparent green resin and a flexible resin like Siraya Tech's Tenacious.
There is a Rutan Body for SLA Resin with supports file in the zip file which is already correctly oriented and has supports for the tentacles already added. The only supports you should need to add are the platform ones for the head.

Alternatively, you can also print using regular filament on a HD machine capable of 20 micron resolution, however, you will likely need to do considerable clean-up with a soldering gun (see the Tips & Tricks page) to melt and smooth artifacts on the tentacles, and possibly ass additional "stringy" bits to the main blob. A soldering gun will also let you soften the heads of the two mobile "arms" before inserting them into the holes on the side.
Depending on your resolution and printer settings, the "key" tentacle that slots in the back and turns the light on or off may or may not print. If it doesn't, the light brick can be turned on with any Lego technic axle, and the hole plugged by the key tentacle until it's time to turn it off.

There are two different sizes of button in the Rutan LED Brick Buttons (multiple sizes) file, and two copies of each. This is because there are slight variations in depth depending on what brand of LED brick you use. Also, you may want spares if one of them breaks or gets lost, since it's a very small part. I recommend starting with the longer button first, and if it's too long, then pull it out with a pair of tweezers, and try the slightly shorter one.

Color Recommendations: The Rutan shouldn't require much painting if you get the initial green color right, however, you may want to add a small "dry brush" bit of white to the surface to emulate the internal white stringy bits, and then cover with a thin light green wash. Painting with a high gloss lacquer once you are done will give it a shiny slimy look.


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