015 - Hand of Omega
From Remembrance of the Daleks (1988)
Version 6 - Updated 8/31/2021

Finished: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OIhAJUxiarGyhz49H4Dtn-wfRIl1DTLu

Notes: This is another large figure that will only fit on filament printers with a 7" x 7" or larger build area. Please verify your printer is large enough to handle it before you attempt to print it. The figure should fit fine on a standard Anycubic Photon or Elegoo Mars resin printer, if angled vertically.

The files are divided into two folders for PLA (filament) or SLA (Resin) printing. Be sure to only use the version of the files that correspond to you style of machine.

You have the choice of printing a Thicker Fog Layer or Thin Fog Layer. If you are printing out of transparent PETG, semi-transparent PLA, or clear resin, you may want to use the Thicker Fog Layer for a more diffused light effect. The Thin Fog Layer is more useful if printing out of white PLA or resin, as it will allow more light through the opaque material.

The PLA version comes with an optional Inner Lid Block that can be glued to the underside of the lid to hide the rough edges caused by removing the supports. This is a purely cosmetic piece, and can be ignored if you plan on finishing off the rough surfaces in another way.

Both versions come with an optional Clear Stand part (that can be used to make the casket hover at waist height) and Omega Gravestone.

This figure is designed to work with the style of LED fairy string lights that have a button, so the lights can be turned on and off from the bottom of the figure. You can also use the style of string light that is operated by a switch, but if you do, you will have to remove the upper fog layer every time you want to access the switch to turn it on and off. You will need a 1.5mm wide brass rod or similar sized length of metal coathanger or toothpicks to complete the hinge between the lid and the box.

Print Recommendations:
For filament printing: the fog layer and stand should be printed out of transparent PETG or an opaque "neutral" PLA at 100% fill for maximum transparency if you are planning on using LED lights. PETG requires a much higher print temperature than PLA (I set mine to 250) and works best at a super low print speed of about 10. For the box and lid, I recommend using Gizmo Dorks Metal Copper Fill filament if you can find it. The color is absolutely perfect, and looks quite a bit like real metal. Be sure to enable "supports everywhere" for the box, as the hole that the LED battery pack slots into will need supports if you want it to print properly. (You may also need a hex key or something else L-shaped for removing the supports from inside the hole after printing.

Alternatively, if you are resin printing, use white or clear resin for the fog layer and stand, and black or grey resin for the box and lid. Before you cure your print, make sure you have cleared out any excess resin from the holes insode the hinges. You may need to invest in a flexible 12" drill bit, approximately 2mm or 1/16 in thick for drilling out the hinge holes if you forget or they end up getting clogged.

Color Recommendations: The Hand of Omega is usually seen throughout the episode layered in with bad CSO, which makes the dirt and grime added to it appear especially dark. During the few scenes where it's a static prop, we can see that this effect is much less pronounced, so if you're going to dirty your Hand up, go easy on the black paint.

To maintain maximum surface detail on my figure, I first airbrushed on a flat black backer layer and then covered that in a mixture of Metallic Copper, Dark Brown, Rust, and more black backer, and airbrushed this on somewhat unevenly. I then went back with a final extremely light coat of black to dirt up some of the darker areas.

If you are using LEDs, you will probably encounter some light seepage through the sides of the box, even after painting, so it is a good idea to line the inside of the box with aluminum tape, or even good old fashion tin foil. A single layer of either will prevent unwanted light from going places where you don't want it to go.

The headstone should be a shiny reflective black. The omega symbol is a polished gold, and the round flower holder on the base is bright silver. The maker's mark in the lower left corner has white lettering. It is unlikely this will show up on most prints, but if you print the headstone out of black resin (this will only work if the print is black to begin with and unpainted), then paint over the letters with a white Testor's paint pen, and then very quicky wipe off the surface with a lightly moist paper towel, with a bit of luck you can fill in the tiny depressions of the letters with white paint while leaving the rest of the print black, causing them to become visible, similar to the destination dials on the 8th Doctor TARDIS Console Room set.


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