021 - Wirrn
From The Ark in Space (1967)
Version 3 - Updated 9/1/2018

Finished: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FNcCpLHHIUleSxADiXkSIsDH05LK8F2m

Notes: Special thanks to Hastran on TurboSquid, who allowed me to use his original 3D sculpt as the basis for my figure.

Print Recommendations: The bottom "butt plug" for want of a better term should be printed at 100% fill so it has the maximum amount of weight. The upper body can be printed at about 65% fill to make it ligher, but I don't recommend going lower than that because the walls between the arm slots are pretty thin. The legs and head should also be printed at 100% fill and a slow print speed of 10 to increase their structural integrity and prevent snapping. I recommend printing each leg individually, as this will give you the cleanest print. Once printed, you will need to clip off the supports with a set of very sharp wire cutters (I recommend the Hakko CHP 170 Micro Cutters) and then sand or use a dremel to smooth them down before painting and assembly. All parts should slot in place with a minimal amount of force.

Color Recommendations: The two or three Wirrn costumes seen in Ark in Space had very slightly different color schemes. The dead queen was given a matte finish and had slightly greener mandibles, whereas the others had lighter lime green mandibles. In the second shot below, they look almost yellow, but I believe that's mainly due to the lighting. The mandible coloration continues up and around the eye, as you can see below, and the eyes themselves are an orangish brown. The remainder of the face and limbs are a dark green, and the body is primarily two tones of brown, with the upper body section a darker "coffee" brown and the lower thorax a lighter "chocolate" brown. The outer edges of the "hoops" that ring the body are painted a slightly darker brown as well.


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