022 - Kroton
From The Krotons (1969)
Version 4 - Updated 11/3/2020

Finished: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ty5-yPByXHvpPTzEK3Ple51ig_uPG4j-

Print Recommendations: Arms and other small parts should be printed at 100% fill for maximum structural integrity. The head, body, and base should be safe to print at about 65% fill.

Color Recommendations: This is one of the few classic monsters that I have yet to find any color reference photos of. The costumes must have ended up in a skip or somebody's private collection when filming was completed, since they never made it into any of the exhibits showcased in the following years. The head and shoulder sections seem quite reflective, especially in outdoor scenes, so best guess is that they were off-the-shelf aluminum spray-paint color similar to the Cybermen of the era, but they may also have been a glossy white the color of marble. The skirt section appears to be made out of a heavy canvas that is more or less the same color as the body, possibly spray-painted silver, though less glossy.

The arms are made out of lengths of black appliance venting material, and the gun has two stripes of some darker color around the middle and base of the cylinder, as well as the tip of the "plug" that slots into the hole in the arm. Again, we can only guess, as no color reference material exists for this story.

For painting your figure, there's this pretty cool stuff called Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome Airbrush Paint that will give you a highly reflective metalic sheen, especially if you paint it on a gloss black surface. If you used this stuff on a black SLA resin print, your entire figure would look like polished steel. On PLA printing, the layer lines disrupt the mirror chrome effect, but the end result will look very similar to the extremely light aluminum spraypaint they probably used on the original costumes.


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