026 - Toymaker's Robot
From The Celestial Toymaker (1966)
Version 2 - Updated 9/30/2019

Beta: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JImGOmSVuCs0JUcRGg39XpA5qicG4O7n

Notes: There is a lot of incredibly tiny 0.5mm or smaller surface detail on here that I don't really expect to print on most filament printers. It's mainly there as a painting guide, and ideally, there might be a very faint shadow that will help you line up all the surface detail when painting. This figure makes use of a 2x3 LED Light-Up Brick to light up the CRT screen in the chest, but can be printed without one.

Print Recommendations: As with previous designs the google drive files are split into three sections depending on whether you're printing PLA, SLA, or a SLA/Flexible SLA mix.

The PLA folder has a subfolder containing parts that I'm pretty sure will only print effectively in resin, including the transparent screen. However, you only have to use these parts if you want to use the backlit countdown monitor. The Alternate Front panel should print fine in regular PLA.

For the flexible SLA option, the only parts you actually need to print in a 50/50% mix with a flexible resin like Siraya Tech's Tenacious are the two arms. Everything else can be printed solid, though a little bit of Tenacious (10-20%) for added strength never hurts.

The Solid SLA folder is exactly the same, but uses notched holes to hold the arms in place. If you twist them at the right angle, they will fall out, though hopefully not without some effort.

Color Recommendations: Below, you can see a rare color photograph of the two original Toymaker Robots designs by Shawcraft.

The version on the left has slightly thicker arms and two red buttons stuck over the top of the yellow dials, which does not correspond to any known version of the robot seen in surviving footage or telesnaps. However the white and yellow quarters of the eyes are straight on this version, instead of at an angle like the one on the right, leading me to believe it was changed prior to production to become the "false CRT" monitor prop we see Dodo arm wresling in the bottom left photo.

The "stoplight" pattern on the very top part of the chest appears to be Yellow, Blue Red, on one chest, and Red Blue Yellow on the other, though this is practically impossible to identify in the black and white footage.

The target patern on the left side of the chest contains concentric rings of (from the outer edge) black, yellow, red, a thin white or silver edge, and a blue dot in the center. The same pattern occurs on the upper right shoulder, but the upper left shoulder is bare in the few telesnaps where it is visible.

The rotary dial on the right of the chest has a hard-to-see grey ring around the outer perimeter, and a back background with alternating yellow and red circles, and a blue circle in the middle.

The rivets on the body are blue, and the "hair" pattern has a black background and a yellow zig-zag pattern with a red outer edge connecting two yellow circles, that are possibly supposed to be tape spools?

There are no known telesnaps or production photos showing the reverse side of the robot, so lacking any other information I have made them match the front of the "Yellow Dial" versions. During filming, there are a few side shots of the real CRT monitor robot that suggest that the CRT didn't fit all the way inside the body, and so the back of the monitor is just barely visible sticking out a hole in the back.

The CRT versions of the robot feature most heavily throughout episodes 3-4, though most of the time the screen was a flat "false CRT" For scenes where the numbers are visibly lit up and seen to change, a real CRT monitor displaying output from another camera was used. You can clearly see the cables snaking off into the background in the bottom-right shot below.


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