028 - Kroagnon
From Paradise Towers (1987)
Version 1 - Updated 11/30/2019

Beta: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1I6-ZYhXI52vO4TOTdg3h9jZ2D78nX92o

Notes: This figure is designed for both SLA resin printing and Regular PLA, though the eyes in particular are best printed out of SLA.

Print Recommendations: The Beta version comes separated into PLA and SLA versions. Even The pyramid shaped computer panels have two options for Flashing LED string light and solid versions.

Color Recommendations: We know very little about what the Kroagnon prop truly looked like, as it was only ever shown on screen in tight close-up through thick smoke or from the back, with tinted lighting. Unfortunately, the only behind-the-scenes photos I have from the front are in black and white, and still mostly obscured by smoke.

The back and bottom half of the triangular consoles to either side of the eyes appears to be a flat "stainless steel" color, and the buttons and trapezoid-shaped keyboard area are both solid black. The upper part of the triangle is either black or a very dark battleship grey matching the desk surface. While it is nearly impossible to see in the black and white set photos, there are 9 triangular controls on the panel, six of which (the outer upwards facing ones you can see clearly) light up and flash orange and the remaining three downward facing ones in the middle are a dark purplish blue. They are very similar to the garbage disposal controls seen in the Rezzie's flat, and are almost certainly the exact same color.

The C-shaped desk is clearly darker than the computers, and while it looks sort of bronze-ish in the one good shot we get of it from the back when the cylinder is releasing the transformed Chief Caretaker, I believe this is mainly due to the orangeish gel filters being used, and the surface is actually a dark battleship grey similar to what was used on Resurrection-era Daleks. The rectangular mats under the base of the eyes are significantly darker than the table surface, so they are likely a flat black.


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