044 - Mire Beast
From The Chase (1965)
Version 1 - Updated 8/20/2023

Finished: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11qzMBhH65rDPDEtDNOAfZ2QniURFCb4l

Notes: This is a very large figure that may not print on smaller resin printers. Please confirm that the figure will fit on your build area before printing.

Print Recommendations: This figure is primarily designed for flexible SLA resin or TPU filament printing, but can be printed out of standard PLA (filament). The files are the same for all materials. If you are filament printing I recommend using flexible TPU if you want to be able to move the figure or PLA+/Flex PLA if you want a solid figure with improved surface detail and stability.

For SLA resin printing, I recommend printing out of 100% flexible resin like 3DMaterials SuperFlex (preferred, if you can get it) or SirayaTech Tenacious. This will allow you to bend the tentacles and squish the head during play. Note that when printing out of flexible resin you may need to greatly increase the thickness and crossbeam percentage of your support structures, especially if printing vertically. With flexible resin, your supports will bend as well as the figure so if the design comes out lopsided or with a large split, that may be why.

There are three versions of the figure in this zip file:

Mire_Beast_Solid: A solid version if you intend to print with infill on a filament printer, or want to hollow the figure yourself.

Mire_Beast_Hollowed: A Pre-hollowed version for SLA resin or TPU printing with 3mm thick walls.

Split (Folder): The pre-hollowed version that has had the legs cut off to make it easier to fit on smaller resin printers like a 1st generation Anycubic Photon or Elegoo Mars. Note that the tentacles are too small to create articulated joints, so I recommend drilling a small hole in the center of both sides and using 1.5mm wide brass craft rods or bit of wire coat hanger as an added support when gluing the arms in place. The arms are numbered 1-8 going clockwise from the front right leg.

Paint Instructions: We have a rare color photo of Shawcraft's original prop that shows it was bright orange with some traces of yellow underneath.

The eyes are white with black pupils (they appear to have been made from standard off-the-shelf light bulbs, as evidence by some sequences where only one side was functional) and the skin around the legs is heavily wrinkled, while the main body has more of a circular crocodile skin texture.


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