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REMIX004 - Key To Time and Tracer
Original design by Dan Liwszyc
Remixed by Troy Ryan Wood
Version 1 - Updated 2/13/2022

Final: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NeMleGUeU0GqZFJ0z7UdTbmD0dFj0J4j

A quick and easy remix of Dan's 1:1 scale version you can find down in the props section, with the addition of a tracer to complete the set.

Print Recommendations: You're going to want to print the key out of clear SLA resin if you can. You can try printing out of transparent PLA or PETG, but it will not be perfectly clear like the original prop.
If you don't have a resin printer, you can always try printing the pieces out of normal PLA, then pressing them down into clay or plaster to create an inverse mold (make sure the widest flat side is on the top) and then filling the hole with clear epoxy craft resin.

There are two versions of the tracer: Tracer for SLA and Tracer For Flat PLA Printing.
The SLA version has buttons on all four sides of the handle, but because the round section is only 2mm wide, it will likely snap if it is not printed out of a special flexible resin like 3DMaterials SuperFlex or SirayaTech Tenacious.
The flat version is designed to be printed flat on the build plate using PLA or PETG. This only has buttons on 3 sides and the tracer rod will need to be rounded off on the bottom edge.

This set also includes an optional extra Segment 6 stand-in, which is the fabricated version of the 6th segment as seen in The Armageddon Factor with a bumpier texture suspiciously like styrofoam.

Color Recommendations: There were multiple versions of the Key To Time featured during season 16, including the original cast lucite segments used during the first five stories, and a hollow version used to replicate the assembled cube for the final story. The cube segments should be clear resin color.

The tracer has a clear rod with a red insert that sticks out about 3/5 of the way up from the handle. This was to small to replicate accurately at CO scale, so you might have to settle for painting this part of the tracer pink. The handle of the tracer is a light grey, similar to the color of the TARDIS walls, and both ends are white. The button colors alternate in the following pattern:

Base: Yellow/Red/Yellow/Red
Middle: Orange/White/Orange/White
Upper: Red/Yellow/Red/Yellow (the opposite of the base row)

The stand-in segment piece is a whitish silver, the color of a painted piece of styrofoam.

Assembly: There is no assembly necessary for this figure. But if you are having trouble figuring out how the 6 pieces of the Key to Time slot together....

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