Hello Whovians and fellow hobbyists.

I have started this project specifically for fans of Doctor Who with access to 3D printers. With the official 5" scale line of toys largely abandoned, and so many classic monsters left unrepresented, I have set out with the lofty goal of plugging those annoying gaps in our collections with *FREE* articulated 5" scale models that you can print at home, paint and assemble, and then proudly display on your shelf alongside the rest of your figures!

This project comes with a few caveats...

1) I will
only make templates available as long as licensed versions of the figures do not exist. (If Character Options announces their next figure will be a Quark or Alpha Centauri, that template will immediately be pulled from the line-up.) While it seems increasingly unlikely that we will ever get official versions of these figures, anything that CO does choose to release will undoubtedly be of higher quality than what I can create myself, and I do not want to jeopardize their profitability or the release of future figures by producing "cheap knock-offs."
If I take down a template, it should go without saying that I do not want anybody else passing around copies they might have downloaded before I made it disappear.

2) I will stop sharing templates entirely, including all future releases, if I catch anyone attempting to profit by selling these figures or designs on eBay, Etsy, at conventions, or reposting the designs for sale on 3D print-to-order sites like Shapeways, etc. (and I *am* watching. Do not take this warning lightly.) This is strictly a not-for-profit fan project. As long as we all agree to play nice, I plan on releasing new figures on a regular basis for at least the next five to seven years!

3) For a number of reasons, this project is restricted to monsters from the classic 1963-1996 era of Doctor Who only. Mainly, this is because I want to stay on the good side of the BBC (and their lawyers), but also because most modern era monsters were produced with HD television in mind and have significantly more complex costumes than their clunky 60's, 70's, and 80's counterparts, which makes them too difficult for me to reproduce given my limited technical skill.

All templates are 100% *FREE* to download, and can be access from the Templates page on this website or my TinkerCAD development page. We also have a Guest Templates page for designs created by other artists. Please note that new templates often require several rounds of prototyping and test printing until I am satisfied that optimal quality has been reached, so always consult the Templates page first to see which designs I consider "finished" and which still "require tinkering" before printing yourself.

While 3D printing technology has grown in leaps and bounds over these last few years, these fan-creations will never surpass the officially licensed toys in terms of quality, nor are they intended to compete with any of the products designed by Character Options, Eaglemoss, Big Chief, etc. While I strive to push the envelope of what's possible with a cheap $400 home printer, due to the limitations of the medium itself, even my best efforts are just barely on par with a mid-80's Star Wars toy in terms of articulation and surface detail. (Though a significant step up from the shoddy Dapol figures *I* had to play with in the 90's.)

I cannot repeat this strongly enough: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will I custom print figures for you. This is a hobby and extension of my fandom, NOT a business. DO NOT ask if figures are for sale, if I take custom orders, if I am willing to do custom design work for you, if I *know* people who can print figures for you, or if I can provide estimates for how much it would cost to have one of these designs commercially printed. The answer is an emphatic 'NO!'on all counts.

If you do not have a 3D printer of your own, you can use services like 3Dhubs.com to locate local printing services near you. Rates will vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the model and how many people in your area can perform the work, but are generally more affordable than going through ridiculously overpriced international services like Shapeways.
Be warned that a lot of 3D printing services cut corners and save themselves valueable printing time by setting their machines at a much higher layer height than you would normally use at home. You may have to get really specific to ensure you get a quality print, which is another reason to find a local printing service where you can talk to an actual human being. See the Templates page for more details.

If you have technical questions about printing any of these designs that are not covered within the Templates, Tips & Tricks, or F.A.Q. pages, please contact me on our Facebook site, and I will do my best to answer as best I can, time permitting.

That said, if you want to see what I've created so far, please continue to watch this space or follow my project on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.

                                                                                                               -- Troy Ryan Wood
3D Printed Doctor Who Toys

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