019 - Taran Wood Beast
From The Androids of Tara (1978)
Version 5 - Updated 4/19/2018

Finished: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cvPKF2aGlHczhSzYHTk5KQXFYQeYPV8z

Notes: This was supposed to be a stupid April Fools joke, where I released an action figure no one wanted based on one of the most derided monster in Doctor Who history. Little did I know that this "quick and dirty" joke figure was going to take nearly a full month and countless prototypes to get anywhere near a printable state.

The figure also comes with a tiny Key To Time, which can be printed out of transparent PETG if you so choose.

Print Recommendations: You'll want to print the figure out of black PLA, ASB, or TPU. TPU is flexible, and may make it easier to fit the limbs together without snapping anything when assembling the figure, but it also has a tendency to blob up, especially when printing fine details, so it may not be possible to print the entire figure this way. Even after the version 5 update, it's still a royal pain getting this figure assembled without snapping anything. The feet and shoulders are the problem pieces, as the joint here are the weakest. The feet, shoulders, and hands should be printed at 90 to 100% fill for maximum structural integrity.
If you are having this figure professionally printed, I recommend requesting extra copies of both shoulders and feet because there's a very good chance you may need to replace at least one of them during assembly.

Color Recommendations: The Taran Wood Beast is black with a reddish brown face. It has what can only be described as dual lazy cat eyes that should be pointing off in different angles, and big white buck teeth. Really, the hardest part about painting this figure is making it look as shoddy and unconvincing as the original monster. I'm afraid that even with my limited artistic abilities, I still wasn't able to fully capture the inherent lameness of Tara's least threatening predator.


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